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The Year in Review

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Virginia Dare
Malice in Wonderland

The Year in Review

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virginia dare hitchhiking
This was stolen from kathleendoris.  You take the first line from your first entry each month in your livejournal in the past year.  Mine's a little short as I only started this journal in March.  My list isn't as interesting as it could be though.  But the proposed date for the rough draft of my novel is February 1st.  I'd like to come up with something mildly presentable by March 3rd, which is my brother's birthday.  It has no other real significance than that.  Just as the January date is completely arbitrary.  It's been interesting to watch the the growth of this little baby as a concept amongst my friends and family.  Last night I expressed a desire to leave the party early (around 3 a.m.) and Missy didn't want to go yet.  I said that I wanted to work on my book, and two of my friends there Thomas and James, insisted that Missy take me home immediately....and I quote James; "Some of us have important shit to do, and I mean that in all seriousness."  It's kind of funny.  People keep asking for the page count and whatnot.  I even have one friend who visits me regularly to hear the latest developments in the story like a live action soap opera.  Some other friends have been taking bets on who is going to be the first one to get to read the actual manuscript.    Still doesn't make the poverty anymore pleasant. 



I was feeling sentimental when I saw her peering into the pastry display in the cafe.

"Why did you bring me into this house?"

It was especially hot that day, and I'd been cleaning with all the doors closed and the windows open because I was smoking.

ac·u·men: quickness, accuracy, and keenness of judgment or insight.

iris --

Tasting like strawberries

Those of you that have read my journal may recall that I've been struggling to write about the suicide of a friend.

Iris left Justin to talk to Coreen on the loud floral print couch while she joined the maid, Anna, in the impossible search for the necklace which wasn't there.

Iris sat in the passenger seat of Rose's car watching the landscape loping along the shoulders of the road.

I'm gonna keep it simple, as not all that much really happened.

JZ Knight, a spiritualist from my native stomping grounds talks about the quantum mechanics of an erection.

And just for laughs, a picture of me at the start of this journal, when I began to make that transition into the digital arena.  This was a banner that was on my poetry blog for awhile....totally different now.  But there are very few pictures of me reading or writing though those are the two activities I'm most often engaged in....and smoking.  But you get the idea.


If you're so inclined you can visit that site here: The Half Finished Heaven


The molecular formula of Oxytocin the bonding hormone that acts on your brain like cocaine when you fall in love.....


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